Workshop: Grandmother Elders – Women of Wisdom

Grandmothers_Margarita020Messages of Love & Feminine Spirituality
From Mother Earth, to the hearts of women and men.

* Afternoon workshop – extra fee $33 (see registration for details)

Presented by Grandmothers Margarita and Laura Espinoza of Mexico.

This presentation is not just for women, it is for men and women to come together and learn to understand and respect one another, in our strength and knowing, in our desires, in our love of the Mother Earth.

Women are the “Life-Givers” of our Mother Earth. Our grandmother elders bring the wisdom of the women, the feminine. They help us discover how to bring the balance back, to understand the intuitive guidance that women naturally carry. We honor the Sacred Waters, the trees, the plants, all of life and nature. We honor the children and the hope for the future. We hold in our hearts the compassion for all of humanity.

It is a time of great awakening everywhere and for rebalancing of the Feminine and Masculine energies of our world.

The GrandMother Wisdom-Keepers come to openly share their teachings, sacred songs, stories, prophesies and ceremonies with us. It is time to awaken to this wisdom and share it around the world.

Through this spiritual process, healing takes place for each individual woman and as a collective community, mending the Sacred Hoop of the Woman Nation. By honoring and respecting the “Beauty Ways” of our female energy we can help bring back balance to our Mother Earth and heal the wounds of her people; with one Voice, one Heart and one Chanupa (Sacred Pipe of Peace).


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