Cristobal Cojtí García


Cristobal Cojtí GarcíaCristobal Cojtí García,
Day Keeper of the Mayan Calendar and Cosmology.

His daughter, Ixmucané will join Cristobal in sharing the ancient wisdom of the Mayan Culture. The sacred calendars kept by the Mayans have long predicted the shifts that we are experiencing in modern times. They foresaw a time when the North and South would come together, to bring the higher knowledge of both in an opportunity to create a better future.

The prophecy of the Eagle, Quetzal and Condor was brought forth through the Mayan people. Ixmucané Oxlajuj Ei Guadalupe Cojtí Socop, is a young Mayan woman who inherits the struggles and knowledge of the Mayan people. She carries the wisdom in building new leadership, which is needed in liberating the ancestral colonial people. She is a Mayan priestess since birth and completing an education in law.

Cristobal and Ixmucané will explain to us the teachings of the Sacred Calendar and how we can use this knowledge to shift our world into a better future for this generation, for our children and for our future.

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